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Why Should You Read the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is a diary written by ancient people who left Israel before the time of Christ and traveled to the New World--the Americas.  Two of these groups were Hebrew descendants of Joseph who departed around 600 B.C.; the other group emigrated after the time of Babel's Tower, over 2000 B.C.

This Book's true history explains how these wanderers and their descendants had a complete knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the plan of salvation.  Its chronicle demonstrates that obedience to God's word results in temporal and spiritual prosperity; disobedience results in social, economic, and spiritual ruin. 


The events of the Book of Mormon were transcribed in plates of metal; the history passed down through righteous and wicked generations.  In the 1800's, a young man named Joseph Smith was given the divine gift and responsibility to translate the plates.  His obedience allowed the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored to the world in its intended purity.

These peoples' history records principles of God that are plain to read and easy to understand, along with prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled.


The Book of Mormon explains the origins of the Native Americans (i.e. "Indians" 'discovered' by Columbus and others).  These Natives to North and South America were and are descendants of these surviving scattered tribes of Israel.  It provides conclusive truth regarding the 'mysteries' surrounding the lost civilizations of the Incas and Mayas of Central and South America.

The Book of Mormon explains that God intended for this record to be preserved until the latter days.   When it came forth, it would serve three major purposes:


    1.  To Teach the Gentile world (non-Jews and House of Israel descendants) the true gospel of Jesus Christ as he taught it to his disciples in Israel during his earthly ministry. 

   2.  To convince the Jews (those of Israel who were not scattered throughout the world), who had the Law of Moses given to them, that Jesus was the Messiah, and that the Law of Moses was a type and shadow to teach them about the coming Messiah, this same Jesus who was crucified. 

    3.  To teach the survivors of the Lost Tribes in the Americas (and world) that they are not forgotten.  These are entitled to the covenant promises, just as the Jews and repentant Gentiles.  Just as Joseph, who was their literal forefather, was exported to a foreign land and there became in power and nourish the remainder of his family, these descendants would in the last days rise to spiritual power and provide spiritual food to their surviving family, the Jews and the other lost tribes of Israel.

How will this happen?  

Just as God made a covenant with Moses that the Messiah would be born, and the fulfilling of this covenant was Jesus Christ, God also made a covenant with Abraham that his descendants would cover the earth and be as numerous as the sand of the sea.  The ultimate covenant with Abraham promises that when his descendants come to a true knowledge of Jesus Christ, they will be gathered together again.

 The promise made to Abraham has not been fulfilled yet--but the culmination of the covenant is that the scattered descendents of the twelve tribes of Israel (and repentant Gentiles who come into the covenant) will be gathered together in the last days, unto a city called Zion.  

This will be the Biblical fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham, which will come to pass in the last days.  The Book of Mormon sheds light on this covenant and the gathering to occur in the latter days.

While the authenticity of the Book of Mormon can be verified by "circumstantial" evidence such as direct Hebrew language and structure of the original text, archeology, historical veracity,  (and this web page presents a taste of such), the real evidence comes only by the Spirit of God which conveys to the reader's soul the divinity of His word in this ancient record.


Over 30 Insights the Book of Mormon Offers
A missionary's reasons to seriously study the message of God to the world within the Book of Mormon.
A Personal Letter from David Whitmer
Read a personal letter from the pen of a first-hand witness of the Book of Mormon.  David Whitmer wrote this letter years after his viewing of the Plates of the Book of Mormon, shortly before his death.




Ancient Metals Discovered in South America 
Smack in the face of nay-sayers taunting that "....while the Book of Mormon claims the ancient inhabitants had a knowledge of metal work, no metal has ever been found....."

An ABC News article in 1998 documents the discovery of 


Metals Found in Ancient American tombs, proving the existence of not only metal work, but exquisitely thin metal foils which compare to metals previously found in the near East in the times of Moses!  “It shows once again how little we know about the past and how there are surprises under every rock,” comments Jeffrey Quilter, director of Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, a Harvard University research institute in Washington, D.C.


Ancient Hebrew Found in New Mexico Dates 107 B.C.  

Read this article about an ancient inscription at Los Lunos, New Mexico.  The discovery reveals not only Hebrew writing, but the actual 10 commandments found inscribed on a mountain stone--dating 107 B.C.!
 See the Entire 10 Commandments in Hebrew on the Los Lunos Stone



Ancient Hebrew Found in Tennessee dates to Time of Christ

Ancient Hebrew inscription "For Judea" found on rock with Indian burial artifacts in Bat Creek, Tennessee.  Prior to it's interpretation, the Smithsonian displayed the stone in the Natural History museum simply as a curiosity.  (It was also incorrectly displayed upside-down).

When noted near-East archeologist Dr. Cyrus Gordon observed the stone, and told the Smithsonian that the inscription was ancient Hebrew (yes, found on American soil) and that it was also displayed upside down.  Upon this the curators removed the stone from public view...since after all, the Smithsonians historical position was that no people of Hebrew origins occupied American soil 2000 years ago....(facts and response to Smithsonian's former position will be posted soon). 

Barley Found in New World
The Book of Mormon's claim that ancient inhabitants grew barley, had most critics laughing.  Historians long ridiculed the talk of barley in ancient America because everyone "knew" it came over with the Spaniards, much later than the Book of Mormon's "supposed" authors....However, a discovery in Arizona on a site pre-dating Christ finds barley grains en-tombed with other artifacts.  The critics were laughing....until now. 


Horses in America B.C.?....But I thought the Smithsonian said 'No.'?

While both schooled and unschooled critics (even the Smithsonian) have ridiculed the Book of Mormon's statements that horses existed in America during the days of Jaredites and Nephites (2200 BC to 400 AD),once again, truth shed on the myths dispels the darkness.  

Horse skulls, bones, and petroglyphs dating to Book of Mormon's days, have been discovered in this century, all proving that, once again, the critics accusations are mistaken and the Book of Mormon's words are true.  (Perhaps one day the critics will eliminate their age-old arsenal of repeatedly false accusations in light of the truth.)




He Walked the Americas
 Anthropologist Taylor Hansen's book, (original published in 1963) gives the world a tremendous gem.  Published independently of any church organization, "He Walked the America's" is an astounding collection of true Native American tribal legends from modern tribes of North, Central and South America.  

What thread of knowledge do these legends reveal?  Common to all these tribes is a knowledge that a great healer walked among their forefathers centuries ago, teaching peace, healing the sick, raising the dead, and promising to come again.  Many legends even describe him as a white-skinned, bearded God, others even mention he was born of a Virgin, across the ocean.

Why then, could the Book of Mormon make such an incredible claim that Jesus came to America, and that the Native Americans of this land are also covenant people of the House of Israel?  Perhaps because it's simply true.

Had the Book of Mormon been false, how is it that these many legends, told generations prior to the Book of Mormon's discovery, exist and corroborate with its message? Perhaps the simple answer is...because the Book of Mormon is true.

Tribal Legends and Histories from "He Walked the Americas"





Shedding Light on the Critics Comments:

A French Word the Book of Mormon?

One of the oldest criticisms by nay-sayers is Jacob's final farewell being translated to a French word 'Adieu' in the Book of Mormon.  Surely Joseph Smith was educated to know that Adieu wasn't an English word,...right?

Find how the Hebrew 'Shalom' translates to the French word 'Adieu'--even in modern Hebrew-English dictionaries, and how the use of this word vindicates the Book of Mormon's authenticity!

Evangelicals Losing 'The Battle" against the Book of Mormon?
A paper, WRITTEN IN 1998 BY EVANGELICAL SCHOLARS, admiting their arguments and arguers fail to stand up to the scholarly evidence found in favor of the Book of Mormon.
Testimony of the Book of Mormon's Truth...from a Baptist Pastor??
A seminary trained, bible believing, pulpit-pounding Baptist pastor found the Book of Mormon and found not only the living truth, but answers to life-long spiritual questions.  And now he wants the world to know:  the Book of Mormon is true! (At the time of this testimony, he had as of yet to make his covenant, but later did). 

Study Helps:

Book of Mormon Plates and Their Sources
A pictorial look at the overwhelming amount of writing that Mormon abridged and included to compile the portion of the Book of Mormon we currently possess.
Restored Covenant Edition of the Book of Mormon OnLine
The latest and closest rendition of the Book of Mormon to the  original manuscript, the Restored Covenant Edition, is now available online for study.
Things that Covenant People Do…
In his speech at the Feast of Tabernacles, King Benjamin clearly and poignantly describes the attributes of truly 'born again' covenant people. Download

born, again



40 Qualities of Godly Men
The Book of Mormon describes not only heroic mens' actions, but also their values.  Skim a snapshot of a few values these men possessed.  It's a good guide for personal self-improvement. 

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