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Priesthood and Lineage Genetically Proven

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How was Priesthood 'handed down?' in Jesus day?

Little did the world know in the 1830's, how Joseph Smith's words would be verified in the 20th genetics!  

God inspired Joseph Smith to write that men who could 'prove their lineage' from Aaron (namely Jews today with Levitical ancestory), would be entitled to priesthood.  He also wrote that this linage would be passed from 'father to son': 

DC 68:2g but by virtue of the decree concerning their right of the priesthood descending from father to son, they may claim their anointing, if at any time they can prove their lineage, or do ascertain it by revelation from the Lord under the hands of the above-named presidency.

DC 104:18 The order of this priesthood was confirmed to be handed down from father to son, and rightly belongs to the literal descendants of the chosen seed, to whom the promises were made. This order was instituted in the days of Adam, and came down by lineage in the following manner:

Research in the last couple years has identified in the Cohen (Literal descendants of the tribe of Lehi--the orthodox Jewish priesthood) have found that a gene exists only within those who have priesthoodIt is only transferred from father to son.  It is on the Y-Chromosome.  Only men have Y-chromosomes; women do not. 

A Nova (PBS) show made this statement, almost identical to Joseph Smith's revelation nearly 160 years earlier, and nearly verifying it:

"...The results are stunning. A group of genetic markers ...- is seen in about 10% of the general Jewish population and in over 50% of the Cohanim. The long-held Jewish belief that priestly status is passed from father to son over the centuries seems to be confirmed in the genes. " 


No attempt in this paper will be made to scientifically analyze the studies.  The reader may evaluate them personally.  

Like any breakthrough of science, however, the data ultimately raises far more questions than it answers.  The impact is clear, though,  that there is much more to the interactions of the Spiritual and Physical worlds than we will understand in this lifetime.  

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