A Parting Thought on Home Ministry...

(Excerpts from a Letter to Home Ministering Priesthood)


...Foremost  in our desire is to provide true ministry to the Saints.  The effort to reach all the homes is not a goal for “a goal’s sake.”   We are, however, given commandment to visit the home of every member.  The purpose of record keeping is to make sure no one is being left out...

We’re not trying to measure success by the quantity of visits made, nor equate making visits with a success we can even measure (i.e. let’s not assume that if all homes are visited, then Wednesday night church attendance will double). 

Have faith that in visiting the Saints in sincere humility, and diligently caring that none are missed or left out, then we will be fulfilling a commandment as important now as it was in the day it was given.

Please do not be discouraged if you have not been able visit as consistently as you have hoped.  And if you have not been able to visit at all yet, please do not give up.  Take an easy step.  Make a simple commitment to contact your partner this week and visit one home this month.

If you will permit me, I’d like to share an understanding that  penetrated my soul as I was able to share this summer in our congregation’s vacation church school program. The summer church school theme this year was “Keep My Commandments.”

As assistant pastor of the program, each day with about 100 kids, we talked about, sang of, prayed over, and lived out, many of the commandments given to us by our Creator.  

In praying over and preparing for each day’s lesson, one day the essential lesson, the simple truth that rang so clear to me was this:  our Heavenly Father has given each of His commandments for OUR benefit—for OUR peace, prosperity, well being, growth, happiness, and salvation. 

While the world would suggest that commandments bind, restrict, and burden our freedom, this notion is simply Satan’s plot to obscure the truth.  God’s law’s were given in OUR best interest, not to keep us in bondage but rather that we may enjoy life more fully—as a loving parent joys to give gifts to his child, and as a concerned parent strides to protect his child from harm, so too, is He continually concerned for our happiness and protection. 

This said, it could appear to some, that committing to visit the saints may cut into your personal time, or burden you with yet  another stress and tie you down.  I would offer this:  when fulfilling the commandment we've been given to “visit the home of every member”, we will find, instead, that our personal time becomes more satisfying, and we’ll partake in the joys that have been reserved for us.  This is His design, and desire....