Ten Governing Rules for Home Ministers

1.     Make your visits prayerfully.  You are on the Lordís errand.  Pray for His help and discernment.  Always pray in the home if agreeable to the family.  Remember that you have the keys to the ministry of Angels--use it in blessing the families.

2.     Prepare for each visit:  have a goal and keep a plan.

3.     Be kind and encouraging during your visit.  Praise whenever possible.

4.     Show sincere interest in the family you visit.  Rejoice, weep, mourn, console, enjoy.  Concentrate on them, on their needs.

5.     Be constantly cheerful and uplifting.  Do not drag in your own burdens.  Do not dwell on your aches and pains,  Do not exploit the triumphs and tragedies of your life, great though they might be.

6.     Remember you represent the Savior.  Itís His gospel you are teaching.  Do and say what you feel He would have you do and say.

7.     ďLet virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.Ē  Never speak ill of others, or criticize the church.

8.     Search out and tenderly consider the familyís feelings.  You are in their home to identify their needs, to teach and prepare them in righteousness.

9.     Radiate genuine humility.  The Savior never boasted or bragged.  For all He achieved--and He created everything that was created--He was humble.  He gave all credit to the Father.

10.  Bear a strong testimony during each visit.  Testify of Christís example, His gospel, His commandments, His scriptures, His church, His Kingdom.

Adapted from: Marshall, Richard J., Home Teaching with Purpose and Power, Deseret Book Company, pp. 103-4.