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Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Page 2


2 Philip's (Melancthon's) forerunner. I am preparing the way for him, like Elias, in spirit and in power."-D'Aubigné's History of the Reformation, vol. 2, p.105.

It is evident from these words that Luther felt that he was laboring in the spirit and power of Elias, as a restorer; and that he was the forerunner of one who was to do a greater work than he. He thought it might be Philip Melancthon, but did not know.

The claim of Joseph Smith that Elias did come to restore all things is but a testimony of the consummation of an event that Martin Luther felt would come, and for which he ardently hoped, zealously labored, and fervently prayed.

The famous John Wesley also believed in the ushering in of a latter-day dispensation and the establishing of God's kingdom on the earth. He says:-

"The times which we have reason to believe are at hand, (if they are not already begun,) are what many pious men have termed, the time of 'the latter-day glory';-meaning, the time wherein God would gloriously "display his power and love, in the fulfillment of his gracious promise that 'the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea."'

Again, he says:-

"What could God have done which he hath not done, to convince you that the day is coming, that the time is at hand, when he will fulfill his glorious promises; when he will arise to maintain his own cause, and to set up his kingdom over all the earth"-Wesley's Sermons, vol. 2, sermon 71.

Are not the claims of Joseph Smith regarding the glorious display of God's power, the "latter-day glory," and the setting up of God's kingdom if true, a remarkable fulfillment of what Wesley said would come?

You Protestant lovers of the Reformation, will you not then patiently hear us while we relate the thrilling experiences, the wonderful testimonies, and the remarkable work of this strange man, and invite your investigation of the work accomplished or begun by him?

Already some of the most astute minds of the age have paid their tribute of respect to the man and his work. In a

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