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Church History Vol. 1 Chapter 11 Page 258


258 CHAPTER 11


DURING the latter part of the summer and autumn of 1832 Joseph spent the time in translating, and in ministering to the churches in Ohio, with the exception of a hurried journey to Albany, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts, in company with Bishop Whitney.

One letter written to his wife while on this journey, and dated New York, October 13,1832, has been preserved, and is now in the hands of President Joseph Smith, of Lamoni, Iowa, who was born on the 6th day of November following the date of this letter, which circumstance will serve to explain the extract that we shall here produce. We gladly quote from this letter, for it gives us a partial insight into the inner life of the man and his feelings and solicitude for loved ones. Sometimes we can only get at the true character of a man by some such incident, where we are enabled to read that which was not intended for the public.

The letter throughout is expressive of the tenderest love and sympathy, of which the following is a specimen:-

"I returned to my room to meditate and calm my mind, and behold, the thoughts of home, of Emma and Julia, rush upon my mind like a flood; and I could wish for a moment to be with them. My breast is filled with all the feelings and tenderness of a parent and a husband, and could I be with

(page 258)

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