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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 7 Page 111


111 CHAPTER 7.


THE year 1837 dawned upon the saints of Missouri with bright hopes and flattering prospects, though some apprehension was doubtless felt because of the change of administration in the State government. The term of office of Governor Daniel Dunklin had expired, and he was succeeded by their cruel and relentless enemy, Lilburn W. Boggs, of Independence; yet under the agreement that they were to have a county, and a county organization of their own, free from molestation, they were encouraged in the thought that peace had at last come to them.

The first three months of the year they were as busy as the season of the year would admit, building their homes and preparing for the future. Their numbers were almost daily augmented by accessions from the East. In some instances settlements were made outside of Caldwell County, but always by written consent, as provided in the agreement

On this point we quote from the "History of Caldwell and Livingston Counties, Missouri, as follows:-

"The most desirable locations in Caldwell having been taken, the Mormon settlement extended into other counties. In the spring of 1837 quite a detachment went up into Daviess, and by written permission of the few Gentile settlers there, made locations in that county. Three miles above Gallatin, on the east bluffs of Grand River, they laid out a town which they called Diahman (pronounced Di a-mon). The locality was named 'Adam-ondi ahman,' signifying, it is

(page 111)

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