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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 7 Page 121


121 renounced the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, and claimed themselves to be the old standard, calling themselves the Church of Christ, excluding that of saints, and set me at naught, and the whole church, denouncing us as heretics, not considering that the saints shall possess the kingdom according to the Prophet Daniel.

"The Elders' Journal No. 2, for November, was the last paper printed at Kirtland. Our printing establishment was attached to satisfy an unjust judgment of county court, and soon after the whole printing apparatus was burned to the ground."-Millennial Star, vol. 16, p. 109.

Joseph records the following regarding the troublesome times in Kirtland at the close of the year 1837:-

"On the morning of the 22d of December, 1837, Brother Brigham Young left Kirtland, in consequence of the fury of the mob, the spirit that prevailed in the apostates who had threatened to destroy him, because he would proclaim publicly and privately that he knew by the power of the Holy Ghost that I was a prophet of the most high God, that I had not transgressed and fallen as the apostates declared.

"Apostasy, persecution, confusion, and mobocracy strove hard to bear rule at Kirtland, and thus closed the year 1837."-Millennial Star, vol. 16, p. 110.

A detailed account of these trials and persecutions may be found in the "History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet," by Lucy Smith.

(page 121)

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