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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 10 Page 178


178 CHAPTER l0


AT Kirtland the year began, as we have seen, with dark and gloomy prospects. After the departure of Joseph Smith we have but meager accounts of what was going on there, until the Seventies took measures to move in a body to Missouri. Soon afterward another company left Norton, Ohio.

Of these two companies Joseph Smith writes:-

"The Seventies assembled in the Lord's house in Kirtland on the sixth of March to devise the best means of removing their quorum to Missouri, according to the revelations; and on the tenth it was made manifest, by vision and prophecy, that they should go up in a camp, pitching their tents by the way.

"On the 13th they adopted a constitution and laws to govern them on their journey, which were soon signed by one hundred and seventy-five of the brethren.

"The privilege was given for anyone to go who did not belong to the Seventies, provided they would abide the constitution; and all the faithful who could improved the opportunity, for fearful sights and great signs were shown forth in and around Kirtland, clearly manifesting to the honest heart that God was not unmindful of his word, and that he would bring upon the place those judgments he had declared by his servants.

"Elders James Foster, Zerah Pulsipher, Joseph Young, Henry Herriman, Josiah Butterfield, Benjamin Wilber, and Elias Smith were commissioners to lead the camp, which was divided into companies of tens, with a captain over each.

(page 178)

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