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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 20 Page 423


423 CHAPTER 20.


IN this chapter we introduce without special comment the statements and affidavits of several of the saints, and others, prepared for and introduced by the Washington committee to the Congress committee on judiciary:-

"I, Simeon Carter, certify that I have been a resident of the State of Missouri for six years and upwards, and that I have suffered many things by a lawless mob; both me and my family having been driven from place to place, and suffered the loss of much property, and finally expelled from the State. I further certify that I belong to the Church of the Latter Day Saints, commonly called 'Mormons.' And I certify that in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight both me and my people suffered much by the people of the State of Missouri. And I further certify that in this same year, in the month of November, between the first and sixth, were surrounded by a soldiery of the State of Missouri, in the city of Far West, in Caldwell County, both me and many of my 'Mormon' brethren, and were compelled by their soldiery, which were armed with all the implements of war to shed blood, by a public declaration of our entire extermination, to sign away our all, our property, personal and real estate, and to leave the State of Missouri immediately.

"I certify I had at that time one hundred and sixty-two acres of land, the same which I held the certificates for. I

(page 423)

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