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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 21 Page 446


446 CHAPTER 21.


IN the early part of the year 1840 there was not much done in Nauvoo and vicinity, except the duties incident to preparing homes, preparing for spring farming, and other work; only the regular routine of church business and the preaching of the elders in the regions round about.

The High Council of the church for Iowa met at Montrose on March 6 and among other things passed the two following resolutions:-

"2d. That a committee of three be appointed, consisting of Wheeler Baldwin, Lyman Wight, and Abraham O. Smoot, to obtain affidavits and other documents to be forwarded to the city of Washington.

"3d. That the clerk of this council be directed to inform Judge Higbee, that it is the wish of this council that he should not, upon any consideration, consent to accept of anything of Congress short of our just rights and demands for our losses and damages in Missouri."-Millennial Star, vol. 17, p. 615.

The General Conference convened in Nauvoo, Illinois, April 6, 1840. The first day of the conference the mission to Palestine was considered as follows:-

"Elder Orson Hyde addressed the conference and stated that it had some years previous been prophesied of him,

(page 446)

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