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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 24 Page 532


532 CHAPTER 24.


ON July 1, 1841, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, and John Taylor, of the Twelve, arrived in Nauvoo from their mission to England, and the Prophet states: "The accounts of their missions are highly satisfactory."

Sometime this month Orson Pratt published in New York an edition of his work which had previously been printed in Edinburgh, Scotland, called, "The History of the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon."

The issue of the Times and Seasons for July 1, 1841, contains an account of the temple, which shows very satisfactory progress, and speaks well for the energy and perseverance of a despoiled and afflicted people. 1


We are happy to say that this building is progressing in a manner which does honor to the citizens of this place. On visiting it a few days ago we were agreeably surprised to find that the brethren, notwithstanding their poverty, had accomplished so much; and we feel assured if the saints abroad with their wealth would make a corresponding effort that another year would not roll over our heads before the "topstone would be brought up, with shouts of Grace, grace be unto it."

The building committee are making every preparation to erect the baptismal font in the basement story as soon as possible. The font is intended to be supported by twelve oxen, several of which are in a state of forwardness, and are certainly good representations of that animal and do great credit to the mechanics who are engaged in carving the same. It is intended to overlay them with gold, and when finished will have a very grand appearance indeed. Most of the labor that is done has been accomplished by the citizens devoting every tenth day gratuitously to that purpose.

While contemplating the foundation which has been so happily begun,

(page 532)

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