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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 27 Page 599


599 CHAPTER 27.


THE political situation assumed a peculiar aspect this summer, and the lines were being drawn between anti-Mormons and Mormon sympathizers. A convention was held and a county ticket nominated, pledged to receive no support from and to yield no quarter to "Mormons."

On July 1 Joseph Smith published s statement strongly calling upon the independent element to come out and stand for liberty and right. 1


As a people the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are found "more sinned against than sinning." In political affairs we are ever ready to yield to our fellow citizens of the county equal participation in the selection of candidates to offices.

We have been disappointed in our hopes of being met with the same disposition on the part of some of the old citizens of the county. They indeed seem to manifest a spirit of intolerance and exclusion incompatible with the liberal doctrines of true republicanism.

At the late anti-Mormon convention a complete set of candidates pledged to a man to receive no support from, and to yield no quarters to "Mormons," are commended to all the citizens of this county for their suffrages!

As a portion of the said citizens of Hancock we embrace the opportunity to decline this ticket for the want of reciprocity in its terms and honesty and intelligence in the character of some of its candidates.

If the old citizens of the county are still desirous of equal participations with us in the choice of candidates, we are ready to coöperate with them. If independent gentlemen will announce themselves and possess the requisite qualities, capacity, and integrity, they will receive the united support of our people in the country.

The time for holding a convention seems to have already gone by; there is time enough for the friends of justice and fair play to elect a ticket to be announced in the independent manner we have suggested. Let the gentlemen who have the courage to oppose the spirit of dictation which governed the anti-Mormon convention candidates, show themselves, and we will exercise enough, on the terms proposed in this article, to insure complete success.


-Millennial Star, vol. 19, pp. 536, 537

(page 599)

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