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Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 35 Page 778

778 CHAPTER 35.

IN chapter 25, volume 1, we gave brief sketches of those who constituted the first quorum of Twelve organized in this dispensation. To the time of the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith there were six changes. Five were expelled from the quorum; namely: Luke E. Johnson, Lyman S. Johnson, John F. Boynton, William E. McLellin, and Thomas B. Marsh, and five were selected to fill their places; namely: John Taylor, John E. Page, Wilford Woodruff, Willard Richards, and George A. Smith. One had been killed; namely: David W. Patten; and Lyman Wight was chosen in his place. We give short accounts of their lives and labors, in the order of their choice.


John Taylor, son of James and Agnes Taylor, was born at Milnthorpe, Westmoreland County, England, November 1, 1808. He was brought up in the Church of England, until he was fifteen years old, when he became identified with the Methodist Church, and soon after became a local preacher.

In 1828 or 1829, he emigrated to America, and resided for a short time in each of the following places: New York, Brooklyn, and Albany. He then located at Toronto, Canada, where he married Miss Leonora Cannon, daughter of Captain Cannon, of the Isle of Man.

In 1836 Parley P. Pratt visited Toronto, and John Taylor and his wife received him cordially, investigated his claims, and were baptized by him. Soon after he was ordained an elder by Elder Pratt.

When Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Thomas B Marsh

(page 778)

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