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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 6 Page 133


133 CHAPTER 6.


FOR a short time after the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith outside opposition was silent, waiting no doubt to see what the effect of their diabolical deed would be. Some were greatly excited, supposing that the Mormons would arise in fury and avenge the blood of the slain. Many in the surrounding country fled from their homes, expecting that the country would be desolated by fire and sword. Doubtless there were some among the members of the church who were inclined to wreak vengeance in a summary way, but better counsel prevailed, and the saints remained quietly at home appealing to God for protection and vindication.

Governor Ford in his history speaks of affairs at Carthage as follows:-

"But first, I determined to return back to Carthage and make such arrangements as could be made for the pacification and defense of the country. When I arrived there, about ten o'clock at night, I found that great consternation prevailed. Many of the citizens had departed with their families, and others were preparing to go. As the country was utterly defenseless, this seemed to me to be a proper precaution. One company of the guard stationed by me to guard the jail had disbanded and gone home before the jail was attacked, and many of the Carthage Greys departed soon afterwards."-History of Illinois, p. 350.

Gregg writes of the situation as follows:-

(page 133)

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