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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 8 Page 180


180 CHAPTER 8.


ABOUT the time of the exodus from Nauvoo, overland, a colony left New York by water, in charge of Elder Samuel Brannan, who afterward became so well known and figured so conspicuously in the history of California.

Quite a clear understanding of this movement can be obtained from documents published before their departure, in the New York Messenger, a paper published in New York, in the interest of the church, by Elder Brannan, and copied into the Times and Seasons. Orson Pratt, who then presided over the Eastern States, wrote a farewell address, November 8,1845, in which this voyage is authorized and recommended. (See Times and Seasons, vol. 6, pp. 1042-44.)

A conference was held in American Hall, New York, on November 12, 1845, at which a series of preambles and resolutions were offered by Elder Samuel Brannan, and adopted by unanimous vote. The following extract will show the resolutions and business so far as they refer to this voyage:-

"Resolved, that the church in this city move, one and all, west of the Rocky Mountains, between this and next season, either by land or water; and that we most earnestly pray all our brethren in the eastern country to join with us in this determination, and carry it out effectually, to the delivery of the people of God from the daughters of Babylon, and not one left behind.

"Resolved, that there are no apologies required of those who do not go, but old age, sickness, infirmities, and

(page 180)

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