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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 13 Page 274


274 CHAPTER 13.


THERE was a special conference held at Council Bluffs, Iowa, beginning June 1, 1860. Elders Jason W. Briggs and William Marks presided; William Slater was chosen clerk.

The Boomer branch was represented by Elder B. F. Leland, the Galland's Grove branch by Elder William Vanausdall, Belvidere by Elder G. R. Outhouse, and Farm Creek by Elder Calvin Beebe.

A call was made for volunteers to labor in their respective localities, which was responded to by John Smith, Hugh Lytle, David Jones, Calvin Beebe, Archibald Patten, B. F. Leland, Isaac Beebe, G. R. Outhouse, S. Scott, Uriah Roundy, William Vanausdall, R. Y. Kelly, R. Price, J. Thomas, R. Cobb, and J. Bardsly.

William H. Kelley, J. Thomas, C. F. Stiles, and G. R. Outhouse were each ordained to the office of seventy. John A. McIntosh was ordained a President of Seventy, according to the provision of the previous April conference.

Joseph Smith was received and sustained as President of the High Priesthood of the Church, in harmony with the action of the Amboy conference in April.

The July number of the Herald contained 'A card from Bro. Joseph Smith," which defined his position on some important points, and reads as follows:-

"In taking the head of the Mormon 1 Church I am running

1 This word was used in its Commonly accepted sense.-J. Smith.

(page 274)

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