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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 2 Page 29


THE next in order was the movement under William Smith, brother of the prophet and a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. He was one of the three of his quorum who refused to indorse the acts of Brigham Young and others. He did not claim that he was in fact the successor of his brother Joseph, but did claim that the office of President of the Church should descend according to the law of lineage, as set forth in the revelation, from father to son, and hence the eldest son should succeed his father. The eldest son being but thirteen years old, was too young to assume the duties of so responsible a position. So William Smith, being of the same family, and holding as high position as any man in the church, assumed to act as guardian, and to take charge of the church as temporary President, until the legal successor should claim his right. In this he was bitterly opposed by other members of the Quorum of Twelve, and an irreconcilable contention arose between them.

The Utah people, as has been their unfortunate policy with reference to everyone who has opposed them, sought to cover his name with contumely and disgrace. Elder Brigham H. Roberts states:-

"After his failure in Nauvoo, and in Wisconsin in connection with Mr. Strang, we next hear of William Smith in the winter and spring of 1850, visiting those who had been members of the church in Illinois and Kentucky, teaching 'lineal priesthood as applied to the Presidency of the Church."'-Succession in the Presidency, p. 23.

Again this writer says of William Smith:-

(page 29)

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