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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 22 Page 407


407 CHAPTER 22


IN the early part of the year 1865 encouraging reports were received from every place where the Reorganization had been represented. Reports were received of local conferences held at the following-named times and places: St. Louis, Missouri, December 24, 25, 1864; Montrose, Iowa, December 10, 1864; in Buckhorn branch, Canada West, January 14, 15, 1865; Little River, Decatur County, Iowa, January 28, 29, 1865; Pittsfield, Illinois, February 4, 5; Plum Creek, Iowa, February 4, 5; Nebraska (place not given), February 19, 20; North Star, Iowa, February 25, 26; Nauvoo, Illinois, March 11-13; Brush Creek, Illinois, April 1, 2,1865.

In the Herald for March 1, 1865, President Joseph Smith published the following address:-


"To all the Saints in Churches assembled to whom this may come, your Colaborer and Fellow Servant in the cause of Christ sends Greeting.-

"It having been pleasing in the sight of God to permit us to enjoy a season of prosperity in the work of the last days, to the end that many have espoused the faith, and much good been done to the establishing of the church on its original basis; therefore we owe it to him to acknowledge his kindness and mercy, by a more united effort than has hitherto been made.

(page 407)

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