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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 28 Page 515


515 CHAPTER 28


TO INTRODUCE the year 1869 we cite an editorial written by President Smith, which indicates the progress the church was making:-

"In 1860, this Reorganized effort against the foes that had scattered the people of God, consisted of less than five hundred, all told. In 1868, conferences are held from Maine to California, including Utah, also in England, with a membership of rising ten thousand. . . .

"Within the eight years between April, '60, and April, 1868, without any organized capital, the church has printed, sold, and given away some ten thousand volumes of three and five hundred pages respectively, besides stereotyping and printing five thousand volumes of a new translation of the Holy Scriptures; which for a people proverbially poor, and flouted for their persistent fanaticism, is sufficient answer to the charge of lacking in energy."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 15, p. 20.

On January 9, 1869, President Joseph Smith wrote an address to the saints in Europe, full of sound, practical advice. 1

1 PLANO, Illinois, January 9, 1869.

Let the saints bear in mind the object for which the gospel is preached -the salvation of souls.

Those only are saved who are freed from sin; therefore let all who desire to be saved free themselves according to the law of Christ.

The law of spiritual unity and strength is for men and women who have wisdom sufficient to yield to that law without contention and strife.

For while we declare that God purposes to force none to accept of his grace, he will give ineffable peace to those who, by reason of wisdom and a will to do good, accept the offer which he makes, and become heirs with Christ.

(page 515)

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