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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 29 Page 531


531 CHAPTER 29.


PRESIDENT JOSEPH SMITH, on July 1, 1869, published the following word of cheer concerning the work:-

"The Lord is being good to scattered Israel. Her borders are strengthening, and her watching and waiting hosts begin to think that they must also work.

"The auspices of the Herald Office are very flattering, and new hopes are excited by the success of the past. . . .

"As we were anticipating, a much more active work is being done in the ministry this year than last, and its results are quite visible in the aroused energy to be found among the saints.

"A far better spirit is being fostered in places where hitherto a great deal of misunderstanding has existed. Some who have been idle and consequently cold, are now showing fruits meet for repentance and taking hold anew. May the peace which comes from the consciousness of duty performed attend these."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 16, p. 16.

Elder Josiah Ells wrote from London, England, July 2, that a mob had waited on them the Sunday night before, thinking they were polygamists; but upon learning their mistake some of them asked the privilege of coming to hear and promised orderly behavior. Such characters should hear the truth preached until they learn that mobbing even a polygamist is despicable.

July 4, Elder E. C. Brand arrived in Salt Lake City.

(page 531)

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