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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 34 Page 646


646 CHAPTER 34.


IN the latter part of the year 1871 and the early part of the year 1872, President Smith published a series of articles entitled "The Situation," which are so valuable that we think they should be preserved in their connection; therefore we insert them in a separate chapter.

"There are times in the history of every organization, whether social, political, or religious, when a recast of its situation from the standpoint of some of the minds supposed to be sufficiently prominent to give some degree of importance to the considerations which they may present, may not only be opportune, but conducive to the well-being of that organization.

"We consider the time propitious for presenting to the members of the Reorganization,-to all and every one of the many once holding 'the faith,' whether now connected with any so named Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or waiting in careless security for the 'good time coming,' or still more carelessly in stolid, if not in wicked indifference, throwing religion to the winds,-and to the world, as comprehensive a review of the situation as we may be capable of.

"In what follows we shall write freely, stating our belief and our convictions, urging in defense of those that we think need defending what seems to us to be good grounds for defense, seeking no exculpation against just censure nor

(page 646)

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