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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 36 Page 703

703 CHAPTER 36.


ELDER FORSCUTT wrote, on July 8, 1872, from Brooklyn, New York, that neither Elder Avondet nor Elder Davies had arrived, but they had engaged passage on the steamship Australia, which was advertised to sail on the 13th.

On the 10th, Elder David H. Smith wrote from Salt Lake City, Utah, announcing his arrival in the city, and that he found Elder Boren awaiting him; and that they had opened the mission, holding services in the Liberal Institute. He adds:-

"We receive the support of many noble minded, not of our ranks, and the sympathy of all opposed to the tyrannical rule here; besides the secret sympathy of many in the ranks of the polygamists. We aim our arrows at polygamy, secrets, penal oaths, and wicked covenants for binding the people under penalty of death,-and they tell. We also preach against narrow policy and propound principle in its place. The time has come to speak plainly, however charity winneth; and we do not condescend to personality, nor narrow minded abuse, however, they are aimed at us by the opposite power."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 19, p. 498.

On July 23, Elder Josiah Ells left Plano, Illinois, for Utah. Elder Ells was appointed at the Annual Conference to the Eastern mission, and we have seen no record of a change to Utah, but presume that it was done by direction of the First Presidency.

(page 703)

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