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Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 3 Page 92



RETURNING to Nauvoo, we will give a brief history of events transpiring there after the death of the Prophet and Patriarch.

Only a few days after the death of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, another brother was summoned, and Samuel Harrison Smith passed into the great beyond, on July 30, 1844. He was reputed to have been a very good and kindly disposed man. When by revelation others were admonished for carelessness or unfaithfulness he was commended.

The Times and Seasons mentions him as follows:-

"Died.-In this city, on the 30th ult., Elder Samuel E. Smith, aged 36 years.

"The exit of this worthy man, so soon after the horrible butchery of his brothers, Joseph and Hyrum, in Carthage jail, is a matter of deep solemnity to the family, as well as a remediless loss to all. If ever there lived a good man upon the earth, Samuel E. Smith was that person; in fact, he was too good for this generation, and the infinite wisdom of Jehovah seems to have been exerted in this instance of taking him, 'to remove him from the evils to come.' The highest point in the faith of the Latter Day Saints is, that they know where they are going after death, and what they will do; and this gives a consolation more glorious than all the fame, honors, and wealth which the world has been able to heap upon her votaries, or ever can; and so, when a faithful saint dies, like this, our lamented brother, calm, faithful, and easy, all Israel whispers, as expectants of the same favor, 'Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his.'

(page 92)

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