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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 1 Page 1


1 1873-1890



TO OPEN this chapter we quote the words of President Smith, published in the church organ, The Saints' Herald, for January 1, 1873:

With feelings of profound thankfulness to God do we begin the New Year.

The year past has been a very active year. Shall the present one be less so?

The notable departures from this earthly life, so far as the church has been affected thereby, are Bro. William Marks, Sr., Brn. George Bellamy, J. B. Brown, Austin Cowles, N. H. Ditterline, Duty Griffith, Edward Johnson, John Norton, and Alva Smith, all good men. The most of these brethren were old-time Saints, faithful and true. All of them were of very excellent service to the church where they lived. As the New Year comes in we wonder how many that begin it will be left at its close to battle for the right.

Let us hope that the Reaper will be satiated, and will let the sickle rest this year.

We take up the burden of another year at its beginning with anxious solicitude for the faithful administration of all the affairs intrusted [entrusted] to us, and for the faithful co?peration of all engaged with us in the work of the last days.-The Saints' Herald, vol. 20, p. 16.

Then came cheering news from over the waters. Elder J. T. Davies wrote on January 2, from Aberaman, Wales, as follows:

Since I wrote last, I have to report that we baptized out of the Brighamite order, Elder Daniel Meredith, Elder Philip Price, Deacon Mathew Price, and Sr. Anne Price; and by present prospect there are many more coming. We also baptized two at You-ys-Ystrad Branch, that had never

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