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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 14 Page 232


232 CHAPTER 14.


IN July appeared the first number of the Advocate, a paper from which we have quoted in former volumes, published in the interests of the church, and edited by Elders W. W. Blair and Z. H. Gurley. Elder Gurley, however, only retained that position for three numbers and then Elder Blair became the sole editor.

July 8, Elder Joseph Dewsnup wrote from Manchester, England, where the recent revolt from Utah rule had taken place, as follows:

I am very happy in being able to inform you of the success of the work of God in this city. We now number forty members, and good prospects for many more; there are many inquirers attending our meetings and others who desire our visits, so that with one thing and another our time is well occupied.-The Saints' Herald, vol. 25, p. 233.

Under date of July 10 Elder D. H. Bays wrote an account of the debate previously arranged for, with the Christian Church at Stockdale, Texas, and also of an attack made upon him at the same place by a Mr. Washburn, of the Baptist Church. Of these he states as follows

(page 232)

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