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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 19 Page 330


330 CHAPTER 19.


THE year 1881 was ushered in under about normal conditions. No special encouragement or discouragement visible, but the church work gradually coming into more general notice, and establishing itself on a more permanent basis.

A discussion occurred early in January at New Providence, Indiana, between Professor A. M. Bellas, of Indiana, of the Methodist Church, and Elder M. R. Scott.

Elder J. L. Bear wrote from Hedingen, Zürich, Switzerland, January 24, that some who had been to Utah and returned, having lost confidence in the institution there, were ready to receive the truth. He had offered to discuss with the Utah representatives on the following propositions:

(1) Is polygamy a true and holy principle, commanded by God? (2) Is Adam our God? (3) Was Brigham Young the legal successor of Joseph the Martyr? (4) Is Utah the gathering place? (5) Is blood-atonement, viz., to take men's life to save their souls, a doctrine of Christ? (6) is tithing as it is required from the Utah church through their leaders in accordance with the law of God?

(page 330)

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