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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 3 Page 38




HAVING in this work given a detailed account of the opening and progress of the Society Islands Mission under Addison Pratt and others, we now devote a chapter to its reopening under Elders Wandell and Rodger, missionaries to Australia, representing the Reorganization. The peculiar manner in which they were thrown among this people, and their thrilling experiences while there will, we are sure, be read with much interest.

The fact that a people reputed to be naturally loose in morals, and especially so in regard to the sexual relation, did in open conference reject polygamy when presented to them by their missionaries, is a splendid testimony to the purifying tendencies of the gospel as taught by Joseph Smith the Seer and his colleagues, and stamps as false the theory advanced by some that the natural tendency of the doctrine taught by Joseph Smith was towards impurity. Their example ought also to serve as a wholesome rebuke to those who adopted this heretical doctrine.

On November 6, 1873, Elders C. W. Wandell and Glaud Rodger sailed from San Francisco, California, for Sydney, Australia. They were not again heard from until the receipt of the following letter which sufficiently explains itself:

PAPEETE, Tahiti, Society Islands, December 22,1873.

Brother Joseph: In consequence of our vessel springing a leak at sea, we put into this port for repairs. We arrived here on the 13th inst. We expect to sail tomorrow. Knowing that your father had established a

(page 38)

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