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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 30 Page 546


546 CHAPTER 30.


JUNE 1 Royal B. Young was sentenced by Judge Zane to one and a half years imprisonment and nine hundred dollars fine for unlawful cohabitation; and this is but one of many similar sentences pronounced about this time and soon after, against the polygamists of Utah.

With the number for June 1, the publication of the Saints' Advocate ceased.

The effort to repair the Kirtland Temple was renewed, and in the June 5 number of the Saints' Herald an appeal to the Saints for aid in this work was made by the committee, consisting of William H. Kelley and G. A. Blakeslee.

A branch was organized at Chelsea, Michigan, June 13, by P. W. Premo, and named Chelsea Branch. The only officers ordained were a priest and teacher.

(page 546)

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