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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 31 Page 554


554 CHAPTER 31.


AT a business meeting of Independence Branch, Independence, Missouri, January 3, a committee formerly appointed to consider the advisability of securing a lot for a larger church building, reported favorably. Their report was adopted, and F. G. Pitt, F. W. Barbee, F. C. Warnky, C. A. Bishop, and Joseph Luff were appointed a committee to secure the erection of a building to seat about twelve hundred people in the main auditorium and as nearly that number as possible in the basement. This committee met on the 4th, and elected Joseph Luff, chairman; F. G. Pitt, secretary; F. W. Barbee, treasurer. The committee subsequently published a statement of their intentions and called for subscriptions from all the United States and islands of the sea.

(page 554)

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