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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 33 Page 583


583 CHAPTER 33.


IN January, 1888, appeared the first number of Autumn Leaves, a magazine published by Mrs. M. Walker, by the consent and approval of the Board of Publication, and intended for the benefit of the young. We extract from the salutatory as follows:

In presenting to our patrons this first number of Autumn Leaves, we deem it necessary to offer a few words explanatory of its purpose and aim. Though published in the immediate interest of the young, it will not be confined to such interests as alone pertain to the halcyon days of youth, overlooking the fact that by the swift passing away of these, our young men enter upon the stern battle of life, assuming all its grave responsibilities and cares; our merry, light-hearted girls become wives and mothers, thus entering a new world, as it were, where at the very outset they are met by grave responsibilities and cares. . . .

To so lead the minds of our young people that they may be expanded in view of what the greatness of God and his marvelous creations are, and to a realizing sense that the greater light which we as a people have, calls upon us and them for greater humility and faithfulness, and imposes upon us and them greater obligations to holiness of heart and life, is one great object we have in view; and this is all that we need be concerned about, for God will take care of the rest; and if at the end of the race we are worthy, we shall be crowned. . . .

(page 583)

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