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Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 36 Page 629


629 CHAPTER 36.


JUNE 2 a church building at Wheelers Grove, Iowa, was dedicated; Elders W. W. Blair, E. C. Briggs, H. N. Hansen, and Henry Kemp, assisted by the local authorities, took part in the service.

The Herald for June 29 contained a letter from Elder C. A. Butterworth, dated Queensferry, Victoria, Australia, in which he relates some thrilling experiences. A lecturer was attacking the faith of the Saints, and this young, inexperienced man was called upon to defend. He stated:

This was my first opportunity of defending Joseph, the Prophet, and, like Paul, with much trembling did I do my best, assisted by the Lord, to set forth the words of eternal truth before those who were desirous of gaining an entrance into the paradise of God. You can hardly imagine the feeling that overwhelmed me when I arrived at the school where I was to answer the Mormon-eater, and saw the people crowding around, with not a Saint to be seen. All was perfect silence while I was speaking, and when I had finished there was a clapping of hands and stamping of feet, showing their approval of what I had said.

I rode about five hundred miles on horseback, spoke twenty-one times, baptized two, and left a fine feeling among the people, with several investigating.

(page 629)

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