How to Search.....

Single Word Search

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):





Results: Will Return any form of the word of "Zion" (i.e. Zionic, Zion's, Ezion-gaber, etc)

Example 2:





Results: Enter word "Mos" (without quotations) will return all verses containing "Mos" (such as Moses, Mosiac, utmost, most, etc)

Multiple Words, non adjacent:

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):






Results: will return all verses that contain the letters "buil" and "city" (such as a city..., city was built..., city.....buildeth.....,etc).

Separating by a comma will return any matching words in the verse (not necessarily next to one another in the verse).

Entire phrases:

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):


When men should keep all my commandments       



Results: Will only return verses with the phrase "When men should keep all my commandments" exactly in that order.

Inserting commas into the words such as:

When, men, should, keep, all, my, commandments       



would return verses that contained all the words, but in any order within the verse.

If you wanted to find a popular scripture such as "When men shall keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth.... ", break up the verse into a few pieces to narrow the search.  

When, men, keep, com      



For example, enter:  "When men, keep, com" and the only scripture that fits, Genesis 9:21 will be returned.

Phrases and Single Words together:

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):


Zion, New Jerusalem       



Results: Will return verses with the word "Zion" in any location, and words "New Jerusalem" adjacent to each other.  

Multiple words and phrases separated by commas, can be entered. 


Doing an "OR" Search

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):





Results: Will return any verses with EITHER the word "Zion" or "Jerusalem" in them.  Words and phrases can be combined.

When not using the "OR" search, leave the bottom search text blank. 

Multiple words and phrases separated by commas, can be entered in each text entry box during an "OR" search. 


How to Select, Copy and Paste.....

Can I select and insert scriptures into other documents such as a Word.doc file or email them to someone?

Yes!  And if you copy the hyper-linked verse references, clicking on them in the new document or email letter, will open up the internet browser from the internet scripture search program and display the verses in context--even after emailing them to someone else (provided they have HTML activated in their email software options).

To select, copy and paste:  

  1. Left Mouse Click once at the beginning of the text you want to copy, and hold the left mouse button down.  

  2. Drag the mouse over the range of verses you wish to copy (the selected range will appear in reverse video)

  3. Right mouse click over the selected region, and choose copy

  4. Open the desired destination document (Word file, spreadsheet, email letter, etc.,)

  5. Left click once at the desired location for the text to be pasted then right mouse click and choose Paste. (or go to the Edit menu and choose Paste).  The scripture and active hyperlink will be transfered.

If you are familiar with Control Keys, Control+"C" simultaneously pressed will perform a "Copy Function" and Control + "V" will paste.  One can use the control key functions or the right mouse functions equally and interchangeably within Windows programs. 


Good Luck!


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