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Source: Church History Vol. 2 Chapter 14 Page: 255 (~1838-1839)

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255 CHAPTER 14.


OF AFFAIRS at Far West at this time Joseph Smith writes as follows:-

"On the 30th of October a large company of armed soldiery was seen approaching Far West. They came up near to the town, and then drew back about a mile and encamped for the night. We were informed that they were militia, ordered out by the Governor for the purpose of stopping our proceedings, it having been represented to his Excellency, by wicked and designing men from Daviess, that we were the aggressors and had committed outrages in Daviess, etc. They had not yet got the Governor's order of extermination, which I believe did not arrive till the next day. 1

"Wednesday, 31st. The militia of Far West guarded the city the past night, and threw up a temporary fortification of wagons, timber, etc., on the south. The sisters, many of them, were engaged in gathering up their most valuable effects, fearing a terrible battle in the morning, and that the houses might be fired and they obliged to flee, the enemy being five to one against us.

"About eight o'clock a flag was sent, which was met by

1 This is doubtless a mistake. According to other records the order was received on the 30th.

(page 255)

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