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Source: Church History Vol. 3 Chapter 33 Page: 622 (~1871-1872)

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622 CHAPTER 33.


JULY 1, 1871, President Smith published an article setting forth his views on the duties of teachers. (See The Saints' Herald, vol. 18, pp. 399-401.)

This summer, Elder G. R. Scogin, of Alabama, went to eastern Texas, and did some successful missionary work. Of this work he wrote, on July 10, 1871, from Nacogdoches, Texas, as follows-

"Thinking that you would be glad to hear from this part of the country, and to hear of the progress of the glorious tidings in the frontier counties of Texas, I write. There are some promising saints here. I have baptized fifteen in this country, and partly organized a branch. There are more that believe the gospel. There will be a conference held here, commencing on the 19th of August. My appointments are ahead till the fifth Sunday in this month. There is a great work to do here. Without help, I shall have to leave here. My temporal matters call me home for awhile. I will be able to return next spring by the help of the Lord. I preach from once to twice a week, and hold prayer meeting once a week. I want help-help in the ministry here. If there is an elder anywhere that can leave home, here is work."-The Saints' Herald, vol. 18, p. 505.

About September 1, 1871, Elder Scogin left this work and returned to Alabama, since which the opening has not been followed up.

July 10, the Secretary made a report of the several quorums of the church. This will be instructive to those

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