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Source: Church History Vol. 4 Chapter 21 Page: 376 (~1882)

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376 CHAPTER 21.


THE condition of, and dangers threatening at the town of Lamoni, where the Herald Office had so recently been established, were graphically portrayed in an editorial in Saints' Herald for January 1, 1882:

The circumstances under which we issue this number of the Herald are very varied and peculiar; many of them calculated to encourage and elevate our hopes of good in this life, and peace in the life to come; the speedy coming of the day of marked increase and spiritual progress; material prosperity and righteous enjoyment. Some of them are, however, sad and very trying. Many of the Saints at Lamoni are sick; fevers of more or less virulence have laid siege to the health, patience, and faith of the Saints, and some good and fair ones have died; some have recovered and are recovering, while others are still languishing either to recover after long suffering, or to pass away. In many instances administration of the ordinance of laying on of hands was followed by recovery more or leas rapid; in some it came after days of painful watching and waiting; and in some, the Saints "who are alive and remain," were with stricken hearts and weary spirits compelled to carry the dead "who died in the Lord" to the final resting-place of all flesh-the grave.

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