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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

1 Nephi 3:241 - 1 Nephi 3:251

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241 Yea, and also many things which have been;

242 And he shall also write concerning the end of the world;

243 Wherefore, the things which he shall write are just and true;

244 And behold, they are written in the book which thou beheld proceeding out of the mouth of the Jew;

245 And at the time they proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew, or, at the time the book proceeded out of the mouth of the Jew, the things which were written were plain and pure, and most precious and easy to the understanding of all men.

246 And behold, the things which this apostle of the Lamb shall write, are many things which thou hast seen;

247 And behold, the remainder shalt thou see;

248 But the things which thou shalt see hereafter, thou shalt not write; for the Lord God hath ordained the apostle of the Lamb of God that he should write them.

249 And also others who have been, to them hath he shown all things, and they have written them;

250 And they are sealed up to come forth in their purity according to the truth which is in the Lamb, in the own due time of the Lord, unto the house of Israel.

251 And I, Nephi, heard and bear record, that the name of the apostle of the Lamb was John, according to the word of the angel.

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