About the Book of Mormon

...I would that ye should understand that God Himself shall come down among the children of men and shall redeem His people.

The Book of Mormon, Mosiah 8:28

The Message of Jesus Christ.


The great God of ancient times was Jesus Christ. He sent his word to the tribes of Israel, to go forth to the world.


Israel was disobedient and scattered both physically and spiritually. But God has not forgotten his covenants with the House of Israel, and they are not cast off forever.

This site describes his mighty plan to restore all people to Him in the last days, first by restoring Israel to a knowledge of truth.

Jesus Christ will manifest himself to all nations--both Jew and Gentile--gathering them and restoring them, to the convincing that He is the Eternal God.

All prophecy leads to the fulfilling of the Final Prophecy, when heaven and earth are one, evil is defeated, and Jesus, the Creator, rules over the earth.

About the Hebrew Book of Mormon

In 600 B.C., God warned the inhabitants of Jerusalem their city, culture, and way of life were about to be destroyed.

Lehi, a descendant of Joseph of Egypt through Manasseh, lived in Jerusalem at the time Jeremiah warned the Jews of Jerusalem's pending destruction.

God-fearing, Lehi heeded God's warning and departed Jerusalem, taking his family and bringing records of Israel. Lehi's descendants made records of their generations, writing in ancient Egyptian script according to the learning of the Jews.

Gentiles discovered a portion of those records centuries later in a record known today as the Book of Mormon.

Like branches broken off and replanted, God broke off remnants of Israel's people from time to time and replanted them throughout the world. His wise purpose: to preserve their covenants and heritage.

Lehi's family was led by God's power to a new land of promise: The Americas.

Generations of Lehi's (Joseph's) descendants lived in the Americas. They also discovered other branches broken off from Israel who God also led to America.

This land became the covenant land of Joseph, although it would eventually become inhabited by a great nation of Gentiles.

The descendants of Joseph in America worshipped The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and learned this eternal truth: the Creator, the Great God of Israel, the Father of Heaven and Earth would take on flesh and become the infinite and eternal sacrifice for humanity's sin. All the ancient Laws of Israel pointed to this great and last sacrifice who would be the Son of God. This is the true doctrine of Christ, that God took on flesh and became as man.

This book contains many prophecies and plain and precious truths. Foremost it contains their testimony of the Messiah, called Jesus (or Yeshua).

As the prophecies foretold Israel's scattering by Gentiles, Book of Mormon prophecies foretell this record will leave the Gentiles and return to (scattered) Israel one day, becoming a standard and light unto them and all nations.

The Book of Mormon explains that God's covenant people' wherever they are in the world today have not been forgotten. The Native Americans (certain of them are also descendants of Joseph) and Israelites today (the Jews), and scattered Israel have not been forgotten in the covenants of God. The Book of Mormon foretells their hearts will one day return to Him in firmness and power, and they will more to turn away.

This record written by Joseph's descendants was hidden in the earth for 1400 years and discovered by Gentiles in America in the 1800's. God brought this record to the Gentiles so they could have a pure understanding of Him, his Mercy and Justice, just as the Jews received a pure testimony from Jesus.

But the Book of Mormon is not just another testimony. It is THE Testimony of Joseph's people, prophesied to become a standard to the world, as a pure testimony of Yeshua, The Messiah who is Jesus Christ, telling all the world that Salvation is only through this Messiah.

Many prophesies of Isaiah are explained within this record of Joseph. They explain that a day would come when the Gentiles would reject this very plain and precious word given to them, this very testimony of Jesus,and when that day occurs, the record contained within will return to Israel by the power of God, bearing testimony of the Messiah and returning their hearts to Him.

Many prophets lived in Ancient America and their testimony revealed powerful covenants to unfold in the last days.

The covenants foretell how Jesus, with his unfailing purpose of redemption soon moves in power to restore the nations unto Him.

This book tells of the Messiah's purpose to restore his relationship with humanity, and reveal his covenants, promising all nations will flow unto Zion to learn of His ways, and be restored to Him.

The book of Mormon tells the beautiful story of salvation offered freely for mankind. It is the story of God's Mercy.

The Book of Mormon is not about 'Mormonism' or any facet of strange Gentile doctrines. Rather, it tells the plain and precious truth of God's word to man, His covenants and plan of salvation.

This book reveals the Unity of God, His Mercy and Justice, and that no man can return to him, except by the Blood of the Eternal Sacrifice, the Heavenly Father who took on flesh.

The Book of Mormon is Not a Gentile Book.

This record presented here is not a Gentile book written by Gentiles. The Book of Mormon was written by Israelites, discovered by Gentiles, and is now as the Time of the Gentiles ends, in all humility, returned to the people whose forefathers wrote it.

When this book returns to Israel, and Israel begins to call on God in the name of the Son, begins the prophetic event to regather Israel 'The Second Time' from wherever they have been scattered.

As a book written by Hebrews, it contains ample evidence of their grammar and poetry. Although a version of the Book of Mormon is available here, the original plates were divinely translated into The English Book of Mormon first.

The Hebrew Online Book of Mormon here was produced from the English afterwards, not from the original plates.

While the Gentiles no longer have the original record of Joseph (Book of Mormon metal plates) prophecy indicates the plates and others will return one day, while records reveal prophecy unto the end of the world.

This version of The Hebrew Book of Mormon a second translation from the first translation written in English. Yet the evidence of Hebrew grammar, language and thought are abundantly evident throughout even the English text--deep characteristics of Hebrew few Gentile American scholars of the 1800s knew, but certainly not uneducated farm boys as the one who found the plates.

Yet the 'evidence' of the Book of Mormon's authenticity is not the abundance of Hebrew grammar or poetry, but the evidence of the power of Christ that witnesses the truth of this ancient and holy record, testifying that truth to all those who will read.

Please read this record. This is Israel's record.

We look forward to the day Israel embraces its own testimony contained here, and explains the truth of the Book of Mormon to the Gentiles who rejected it.

When the Gentiles Reject this record...

3 Nephi 7:34

"And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: ' At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against My gospel, And shall reject the fullness of My gospel, And shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations and above all the people of the whole earth, And shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy and murders, and priestcrafts and whoredoms, and of secret abominations -

7:35 And if they shall do all these things, And shall reject the fullness of My gospel, Behold, ' saith the Father, 'I will bring the fullness of My gospel from among them;

7:36 And then will I remember My covenant which I have made unto My people, O house of Israel, And I will bring My gospel unto them;

7:37 And I will show unto thee, O house of Israel, that the Gentiles shall not have power over you, But I will remember My covenant unto you, O house of Israel, And ye shall come unto the knowledge of the fullness of My gospel.