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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

2 Nephi 8:4 - 2 Nephi 8:14

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4 And my brother Jacob also, has seen him as I have seen him; wherefore, I will send their words forth unto my children, to prove unto them that my words are true.

5 Wherefore, by the words of three, God hath said, I will establish my word.

6 Nevertheless, God sendeth more witnesses; and he proveth all his words.

7 Behold, my soul delighteth in proving unto my people the truth of the coming of Christ:

8 For, for this end hath the law of Moses been given:

9 And all things which have been given of God from the beginning of the world, unto man, are the typifying of him.

10 And also, my soul delighteth in the covenants of the Lord which he hath made to our fathers;

11 Yea, my soul delighteth in his grace, and his justice, and power, and mercy, in the great and eternal plan of deliverance from death.

12 And my soul delighteth in proving unto my people, that save Christ should come, all men must perish.

13 For if there be no Christ, there be no God; and if there be no God, we are not, for there could have been no creation.

14 But there is a God, and he is Christ; and he cometh in the fullness of his own time.

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