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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

2 Nephi 11:68 - 2 Nephi 11:78

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68 And they shall be visited with thunderings, and lightnings, and earthquakes, and all manner of destructions;

69 For the fire of the anger of the Lord shall be kindled against them, and they shall be as stubble, and the day that cometh shall consume them, saith the Lord of hosts.

70 O the pain, and the anguish of my soul for the loss of the slain of my people!

71 For I, Nephi, hath seen it, and it well nigh consumeth me before the presence of the Lord: but I must cry unto my God, Thy ways are just.

72 But behold, the righteous, that hearken unto the words of the prophets, and destroy them not, but look forward unto Christ with steadfastness for the signs which are given, notwithstanding all persecutions; behold they are they which shall not perish.

73 But the Son of Righteousness shall appear unto them; and he shall heal them, and they shall have peace with him, until three generations shall have passed away and many of the fourth generation shall have passed away in righteousness.

74 And when these things shall have passed away, a speedy destruction cometh unto my people; for, notwithstanding the pains of my soul, I have seen it; wherefore, I know that it shall come to pass;

75 And they sell themselves for nought; for, for the reward of their pride, and their foolishness, they shall reap destruction;

76 For because they yield unto the devil, and choose works of darkness rather than light; therefore they must go down to hell, for the Spirit of the Lord will not always strive with man.

77 And when the Spirit ceaseth to strive with man, then cometh speedy destruction; and this grieveth my soul.

78 And as I spake concerning the convincing of the Jews, that Jesus is the very Christ, it must needs be that the Gentiles be convinced also, that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God; and that he manifesteth himself unto all those who believe in him, by the power of the Holy Ghost;

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