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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

Alma 12:160 - Alma 12:170

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160 Now one of them, whose brother had been slain with the sword of Ammon, being exceeding angry with Ammon, drew his sword and went forth that he might let it fall upon Ammon, to slay him; and as he lifted the sword to smite him, behold he fell dead.

161 Now we see that Ammon could not be slain, for the Lord had said unto Mosiah, his father, I will spare him, and it shall be unto him according to thy faith; therefore Mosiah trusted him unto the Lord.

162 And it came to pass that when the multitude beheld that the man had fallen dead, who lifted the sword to slay Ammon, fear came upon them all, and they durst not put forth their hands to touch him, or any of those who had fallen,

163 And they began to marvel again among themselves what could be the cause of this great power, or what all these things could mean.

164 And it came to pass that there were many among them, who said that Ammon was the Great Spirit, and others said he was sent by the Great Spirit;

165 But others rebuked them all, saying, that he was a monster, who had been sent from the Nephites to torment us;

166 And there were some who said that Ammon was sent by the Great Spirit to afflict them, because of their iniquities; and that it was the Great Spirit that had always attended the Nephites; who had ever delivered them out of their hands;

167 And they said that it was this Great Spirit who had destroyed so many of their brethren, the Lamanites; and thus the contention began to be exceeding sharp among them.

168 And while they were thus contending, the woman servant who had caused the multitude to be gathered together, came; and when she saw the contention which was among the multitude, she was exceeding sorrowful, even unto tears.

169 And it came to pass that she went and took the queen by the hand, that perhaps she might raise her from the ground: and as soon as she touched her hand, she arose and stood upon her feet, and cried with a loud voice, saying,

170 O blessed Jesus, who has saved me from an awful hell! O blessed God, have mercy upon this people.

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