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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

Alma 12:171 - Alma 12:181

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171 And when she had said this, she clapped her hands, being filled with joy, speaking many words which were not understood;

172 And when she had done this, she took the king, Lamoni, by the hand, and behold he arose and stood upon his feet;

173 And he immediately, seeing the contention among his people, went forth and began to rebuke them, and to teach them the words which he had heard from the mouth of Ammon; and as many as heard his words, believed, and were converted unto the Lord.

174 But there were many among them who would not hear his words; therefore they went their way.

175 And it came to pass that when Ammon arose, he also administered unto them, and also did all the servants of Lamoni;

176 And they did all declare unto the people the self-same thing; that their hearts had been changed; that they had no more desire to do evil.

177 And behold, many did declare unto the people that they had seen angels, and had conversed with them; and thus they had told them things of God, and of his righteousness.

178 And it came to pass that there were many that did believe in their words: and as many as did believe, were baptized; and they became a righteous people, and they did establish a church among them;

179 And thus the work of the Lord did commence among the Lamanites; thus the Lord did begin to pour out his Spirit upon them;

180 And we see that his arm is extended to all people who will repent and believe on his name.

181 And it came to pass that when they had established a church in that land, that King Lamoni desired that Ammon should go with him to the land of Nephi, that he might shew him unto his father.

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