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Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, DC 1-144

4 Nephi 1:54 - Mormon 1:5

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54 And it came to pass that the robbers of Gadianton did spread over all the face of the land; and there were none that were righteous, save it were the disciples of Jesus.

55 And gold and silver did they lay up in store in abundance, and did traffic in all manner of traffic.

56 And it came to pass that after three hundred and five years had passed away, (and the people did still remain in wickedness,) Amos died, and his brother Ammoron did keep the record in his stead.

57 And it came to pass that when three hundred and twenty years had passed away, Ammoron, being constrained by the Holy Ghost, did hide up the records which were sacred;

58 Yea, even all the sacred records which had been handed down from generation to generation, which were sacred, even until the three hundred and twentieth year from the coming of Christ.

59 And he did hide them up unto the Lord, that they might come again unto the remnant of the house of Jacob, according to the prophecies and the promises of the Lord. And thus is the end of the record of Ammoron.

Mormon 1
1 And now I, Mormon, make a record of the things which I have both seen and heard, and call it the book of Mormon.

2 And about the time that Ammoron hid up the records unto the Lord, he came unto me, (I being about ten years of age; and I began to be learned somewhat after the manner of the learning of my people,) and Ammoron said unto me, I perceive that thou art a sober child, and art quick to observe;

3 Therefore when ye are about twenty and four years old, I would that ye should remember the things that ye have observed concerning this people;

4 And when ye are of that age, go to the land of Antum, unto a hill, which shall be called Shim; and there have I deposited unto the Lord, all the sacred engravings concerning this people.

5 And behold, ye shall take the plates of Nephi unto yourself, and the remainder shall ye leave in the place where they are: and ye shall engrave upon the plates of Nephi, all the things that ye have observed concerning this people.

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