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The Restored Covenant Edition of the Book of Mormon

The original version of the Book of Mormon, the Restored Covenant Edition (RCE) is available to read here.

Why Read the Restored Covenant Edition of the Book of Momrmon?
The Restored Covenant Edition (RCE) of the Book of Mormon was recreated by careful examination of the original translated Manuscript of the Book of Mormon.

Over the decades various editions contained printers errors or in some cases, intentional word alterations.

The original text clarifies important doctrine. A list of 43 important comparisons of the original text and more recent translations (such as the RLDS 1908 edition) illustrate how vitally important it is that we read the RCE text.

Also, what was once disregarded as improper grammar, restoring the original English words of the RCE exhibits words which more closely match Hebrew grammar ahd poetic structure as translated into English. In other words, what was once considered bad grammar, rather proves the Book of Mormon's authenticty.

The Book of Mormon is a true record of Israelites who came to America. They testified of Jesus. We hope you will enjoy reading their testimony here.

To obtain this most accurate Book of Mormon in print, contact The Book of Mormon Foundation, a non-profit organization.