The Book of Mormon is not Mormonism

The Book of Mormon teaches against the notions of 'Mormonism'

Principle Mormonism
Book of Mormon Teaches?? Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Teaches??
Yes No Yes No
Salvation Multiple Levels of Salvation   X One Salvation: sin is completely removed or be cast out X  
God God had previous mortal existence   X God has been God from all eternity to all Eternity X  
Adam Adam/God Theory   X Man Returns to God only if Sin is removed. X  
Polygamy Polygamy as Holy Matrimony   X Monogamy only condoned by God; Polygamy Condemned X  
Rituals Secret Temple Rituals   X No Rituals of any kind. X  
Marriage Celestial Marriage   X Marriage is a type and shadow, only given for this life X  
Mysteries Secret 'Mysteries' regarding Salvation   X The plan of Salvation is plain, has been fully revealed X  
Satan Satan/Jesus Brothers   X Jesus was God in the flesh; Satan was an angel who fell X  
Baptism The Dead proxy baptism   X Only the living, capable of repentance, were baptized X  
Grace Partly grace but Extra works like tithing/celestial marriage required to be with God   X Our sin has to be completely removed to return to God, that is by his Grace and our change of heart X  
Jesus God, Jesus, Holy Spirit Separate Conscious Beings   X Jesus was fully God in the Flesh; the human Body of His Spirit. X