Joseph's Descendants Testified of Jesus

The Book of Mormon is The Testimony of Joseph's Descendants

Not Just Another Testimony…

The Book of Mormon is not just 'another' testimony.

Rather, it is The Testimony of Joseph's people, prophesied to become a standard to the world, as a pure testimony of Jesus, Yeshua. This record testifies that the Messiah is Jesus Christ, proclaiming to all the world that Salvation is only through this Messiah.

The Book of Mormon was written by the descendants of Joseph's people. These descendants of Joseph had a testimony of Jesus thousands of years ago. They understood that salvation came only through Yeshua.

These descendants of Joseph also saw the future to our day. They saw their writings would be preserved and return one day to the Gentiles—the very people of our land, America. Their writings contained plain, precious, and profound truths about salvation and the covenants God made with Israel.

The prophesies of Bible and Book of Mormon both explain that a day would come when the Gentiles would reject this very plain and precious word that came to them—this very testimony of Jesus. The prophesies explain when that day happens, the record contained within will return to the very Israelites from whom it came, bearing testimony of the Messiah and returning their hearts to God. It also explains judgement will come upon the Gentiles if they don't repent.

Many prophet's lived in Ancient America. Their testimony revealed beautiful and powerful covenants unfolding in our day. The covenants foretell how Jesus, with his unfailing purpose of redemption soon moves in power to restore the nations unto Himself.

This book tells of the Messiah's plan and purpose to restore his relationship with humanity, and reveal his covenants promising all nations as Isaiah foretold that in the last days, all Nations—both Jew and Gentile--will flow unto Zion to learn of His ways, and be restored to Him.

The Book of Mormon tells the beautiful story of salvation offered freely for mankind.

The Book of Mormon is not about 'Mormonism' or any facet of strange doctrines practiced by Gentiles who practiced evil despite their knowledge of this record of Joseph. Rather, it tells the plain and precious truth of God's word to man, his covenants and plan of salvation.

This is not a Gentile book. The Book of Mormon was written by Israelites, found by Gentiles who stumbled with it, and is now, in all humility, returned to the people who wrote it, of Joseph and Judah. It tells God's plan to regather Israel from where they have been scattered

Examples of its 'Hebraic form' abound—things of language, grammar, poetry no Gentile American of the 1800s could have known, let alone an uneducated farm boy. Yet the 'evidence' of the Book of Mormon is not the evidence of Hebrew design, but the evidence of the Power of Christ that accompanies the truth of these words, testifying to all those who will read.

The promise of God to return to earth, to save his people from destruction and Gather them together again is foretold with clarity. The prophets of old who foretold Jerusalem's destruction also foresaw how Jerusalem of Old will become again a Holy City again unto Israel, and a Zion in America will be established to fulfil the covenants unto Joseph.

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