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Mosiah11:124 - Mosiah11:134

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Passage: Mosiah 11:124 - Mosiah 11:134

124 And blessed art thou because thou hast established a church among this people; and they shall be established, and they shall be my people.
125 Yea, blessed is this people, who are willing to bear my name; for in my name shall they be called; and they are mine.
126 And because thou hast inquired of me concerning the transgressor, thou art blessed.
127 Thou art my servant: and I covenant with thee, that thou shalt have eternal life; and thou shalt serve me, and go forth in my name, and shall gather together my sheep.
128 And he that will hear my voice, shall be my sheep; and him shall ye receive into the church; and him will I also receive.
129 For behold, this is my church: whosoever is baptized, shall be baptized unto repentance.
130 And whosoever ye receive, shall believe in my name; and him will I freely forgive:
131 For it is I that taketh upon me the sins of the world; for it is I that hath created them; and it is I that granteth unto him that believeth in the end, a place at my right hand.
132 For behold, in my name are they called; and if they know me, they shall come forth, and shall have a place eternally at my right hand.
133 And it shall come to pass that when the second trump shall sound, then shall they that never knew me come forth, and shall stand before me;
134 And then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, that I am their Redeemer; but they would not be redeemed.

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