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Enter a list of Scripture references, get the verses

How To Use Tool

This tool can be useful for researching lists of scripture from either LDS/RLDS materials.

First: type in a single reference or a list of multiple scripture references

1 Nephi 10:7 Isaiah 40:3 1 Nephi 13:37 Isaiah 52:7 1 Nephi 14:7 Isaiah 29:14

Or instead, Copy and Paste a list from another document or spreadsheet.

(You can copy and paste the list above if you want to test this function)

Then Press "Enter."

Check the options:

-Book of Mormon references can be remain LDS, or LDS converted to RLDS.

-If the Book of Mormon verse is LDS and does not have a matching RLDS verse, it will be skipped. Check 'Keep' LDS to show the LDS verses instead.

-Bible is King James for now, will add Inspired Version conversion soon

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Default RLDS Bom is RCE
Default Bible is King James

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