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Why Phrase Search?

The RG search creates a list of available phrases that include your search words.
Phrase searching creates lists of 2,3,4 or 5 word phrases that contain your search word(s).
Rather than presenting (potentially) thousands of results at once, Phrase Searching condenses all phrases and presents a list of unique phrases first, think click a phrase to see corresponding scriptures containing that phrase.
Phrase Searching is a handy way to list and sort results when single word searches would result in large (perhaps unhelpful) results.

For instance, searching the word 'of' in the Book of Mormon would return over 5000 results.
But when the word 'of' is used in the middle of a 3 word phrase search (where the 1st and 3rd words are blank) what returns is a handy list of all Book of Mormon 3 word phrases containing the middle word of. This is very useful for learning. (Read Hebrew significance of 'of' here--link coming)

Easy To use:

Watch How To Use Phrase Search Video here.

1. Select a line for 2,3,4 or 5 word search.
2. Enter Fill in 1 or more words in the boxes on that line, but leave at least one word position blank. You can even enter a single word and leave the rest blank

3. Press 'submit' for that line.

4. The results will show phrases containing words in the positions you chose.

4. Then click those phrases to find matching scriptures.

Note: search results will contain exact whole words only. For instance,

'command' will not return 'commandments, commanded, etc'


Other Examples

2 word search, 2nd word 'plates' with first word blank

Returns 2-word phrases ending in 'plates.'


5-word search with words 2 and 4 'of (1,3,5 blank)

Returns intersting list from Book of Mormon as nouns showing possession (i.e. using 'of' such as 'plates of brass') are a common form of Hebrew language called a 'construct' where the words were written (in Hebrew) as one conjugatged word. Double constructs (something of something of something else) are now easily found using the RCE phrase search.

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