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Examples of Appropriate Searches ...

Single Word Search

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):




Results: Will Return any form of the word of "Zion" (i.e. Zionic, Zion's, Ezion-gaber, etc)


Example 2:





Results: Enter word "Mos" (without quotations) will return all verses containing "Mos" (such as Moses, Mosiac, utmost, most, etc)



Multiple Words, non adjacent: Entire phrases:

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):






Results: will return all verses that contain the letters "buil" and "city" (such as ...build a city..., city was built..., city.....buildeth.....,etc).

Separating by a comma will return any matching words in the verse (not necessarily next to one another in the verse).


Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):


When men should keep all my commandments       



Results: Will only return verses with the phrase "When men should keep all my commandments" exactly in that order.

Inserting commas into the words such as:

When, men, should, keep, all, my, commandments       



would return verses that contained all the words, but in any order within the verse.

If you wanted to find a popular scripture such as "When men shall keep all my commandments, Zion should again come on the earth.... ", break up the verse into a few pieces to narrow the search.  

When, men, keep, com


For example, enter:  "When men, keep, com" and the only scripture that fits, Genesis 9:21 will be returned.



Phrases and Single Words together:

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):


Zion, New Jerusalem       



Results: Will return verses with the word "Zion" in any location, and words "New Jerusalem" adjacent to each other.  

Multiple words and phrases separated by commas, can be entered. 


Doing an "OR" Search

Example 1: (do not use quotation marks):





Results: Will return any verses with EITHER the word "Zion" or "Jerusalem" in them.  Words and phrases can be combined.

When not using the "OR" search, leave the bottom search text blank. 

Multiple words and phrases separated by commas, can be entered in each text entry box during an "OR" search. 


Perhaps you may have success if you:

1. Enter just a few key words, with commas in between words, instead of long phrases.   Do Not Enclose Your Search String With Quotation Marks or Brackets.

2. Double Check Spelling, but remember that even a portion of a word or portions of words separated by commas will return matching verses (For example "Enoc" for "Enoch", or "Enoc, Zio" will produce matches for verses containing "Enoch" and "Zion") 

3.  Check 'All Scripture.'  

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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

All covenants and prophecies since the world began lead to this event, when Heaven returns to earth.

The Final Prophecy outlines the conditions and covenants that lead to that day, when the nations return to the true God, Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel.

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Searching for Scriptures regarding Sexuality?

Searching for scriptures regarding sexuality and homosexuality? It is a popular search topic, and with good reason: people want to know what God's word says about it.

While our culture has produced new words in our day describing issues of sexuality, the spiritual and moral issues regarding sexuality are are age-old, and are dealt with directly in scripture. Click Here To Find The Words Used in Scripture Regarding Sexuality

The topic of Sexuality and Homosexuality has faced the Christian Church in New ways. What does the world teach? What does the Word of God teach?

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